Bachelor of Psychology Programme in Universitas Airlangga was initially established under the Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP), Universitas Airlangga based on Decree of General Director of Higher Education, Department of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia No. 6/DJ/Kep/1983 in 12 February 1983. In 14 March 1993, it turned into Psychology Major in FISIP Universitas Airlangga. Then in 1993, Faculty of Psychology Universitas Airlangga was officially open with the Decree of Ministry of Education and Culture Republic of Indonesia No. 0372/0/1993 dated 21 October 1993 which was signed by Prof. Dr. Ing Wardiman Djojonegoro.

Faculty of Psychology Universitas Airlangga has now been considered as one among reputable provider of Bachelor of Psychology Education in Indonesia. It is reflected in the position of Faculty of Psychology Universitas Airlangga in the Indonesian Psychological Colloquium and its current position as steering committee of Indonesian Association of Higher Education in Psychology (AP2TPI) along with Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Padjadjaran, and Universitas Gadjah Mada.

Future strategic plan on programme development will focus on internalization programme in every aspect of Tridharma of Higher Education. Currently, Bachelor of Psychology Programme has collaborated, in term of education, with several programmes of overseas universities, such as a double degree programme with School of Psychology and Counselling, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Australia and an inbound-outbound student mobility programme with School of Applied Psychology, Social Work, and Policy, Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Malaysia.